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Making The Best Desktop Injection Molding Machine For You


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Benchtop injection molding machine

  • Machine Size: 600mm*300mm*530mm
    Machine Weight: 55kgs
    Screw Diameter: 16mm
    Injection Unit Motor Torque: 12N*m
    Clamping Unit Motor: 8N*m
    Maximum shot Weight: 10 grams
    Maximum Clamping Force: 100KN
    Temperature Control Range: 50C-350C
    Heating Connect Point: 3 heating band+ 1heating band for nozzle
    Mold Opening Stroke: 135mm (not included the mold)
    Maximum Mold Size: 150mm*150mm
    Injection Speed: 12second (5grams PP material )
    Control System: 5 Inch touch screen
    Power: Single Phase 220V/1kw
  • Hotline:0086-13757444218
  • Product details

Moiron Benchtop injection molding machine

Moiron is a fully-automatic benchtop injection molding machine that can fit in any workshop, lab, classroom or makerspace. Moiron can inject PP,PE or ABS type of melted plastics into aluminum, steel or 3D printed Mold . Through the built-in digital controls operation is safe, quiet, smart and easy to use. Moiron is a must have for designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and makers who are ready to move ideas from concept into real production level parts. 
This kinds of desktop injection molding machine only 55 kgs.included the packing weight,total only 65kgs. Can be shiped by DHL or Fedex.Shot weight is 10 grams. But we have M2,it can inject 20 grams.

Machine parameters:

  • Machine Size: 600mm*300mm*530mm
    Machine Weight: 45kgs
    Screw Diameter: 16
    Injection Unit Motor Torque: 12N*m
    Clamping Unit Motor: 8N*m
    Maximum shot Weight: 10grams
    Maximum Clamping Force: 20KN
    Temperature Control Range: 50C-350C
    Heating Connect Point: 4 heating band
    Mold Opening Stroke: 135mm (not included mold)
    Maximum Mold Size: 150mm*150mm
    Injection Speed: 12second (5grams PP material )
    Control System: 5 Inch touch screen
    Power: Single Phase 220V/1kw

Steel tooling is always an option.

Although we largely centered the design of Morion around the use of aluminum tooling, steel is always a reliable option. For longer tooling life, higher accuracy parts and a greater selection of compatible plastics, aluminum tooling is the best choice.But steel more cost will be less.so many customer ask us for steel mould.

it's ability to work with a wide variety of plastic resins.  This includes:

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Polypropylene Plastic (PP)

Polystyrene (PS)

Thermoplastic Elastomeric Olefin (TPO)

Moiron small injection molding machine can be operated in Single Cycle or AutoRun modes. When you need a lot of parts for a project we suggest AutoRun. Once tool settings have been dialed-in the process is as simple as setting the number or parts to make through the GUI and letting Moiron do the work. 

High performance

Quality control(Cycle/remaining/injection time)

Automatic shutdown when alarming

PID temperature control

Electrically heated mold(without no mold heating machine)

Ready state temperature

Machine operation speed controllable

Mold voltage protection function

Screw torque protection

Four clamping speed

Four injection

Four keeping pressure

Four metering

Automatic mold adjustment program

Communication instructions for servo and upper machine (good anti-interference)

Automatic refueling for active parts

Middle mandrel speed up to 99

Mandrel speed and torque controllable

It’s smart and loaded with features.

Moiron mini injection molding machine is fitted with an array of sensors that monitor and control functions such as, over temperature, part jams, empty hopper, clamp jams and open door. Depending on the sensor input Moiron will take the appropriate action for that input or error. 


Micro-precision parts production

Long-term or small orders

Laboratory testing /making samples


Clean room production

Teaching and training

It’s easy to use.

Control Moiron from the 7-inch touch screen display that is powered by an onboard PLC single board computer. Want to use a larger display? It can do that. Want to play Minecraft while your parts are being made? It can do that...but we wouldn't recommend it. 


Ultra-high-speed performance dual-core CPU,Computing speed 0.13us,Scan time 1ms

Servo control system uses MECHATROL+INK embedded CNC technology,Substantially increasing plasticized performance,switching speed of change.

Servo motor is  equipped with absolute encoder 24;if power failure or power outage to replace the mechanical parts,it also real-time memory location.

Employ servo feedback mathematical precision torque control + high precision load sensors, to realize high precision measurement of plastics.

Moiron is an automatic injection molding machine with a small size. 

It is a good fit for low-volume (less than 100K/yr) production, prototyping activities, technical colleges, and hobbyists:

· No water cooling line installation is required

· Plugs into your standard wall outlet (110V)

· One year part replacement warranty

Moiron as an alternative to the expensive overpowered large injection molding machines that are typically over designed for R&D, Prototyping, Product Design, Education, Hobby and other Low-Volume production environments

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